Our missions

The main goal of the Organization is formation of the civilized civil society in Ukraine and the democratic constitutional state through the legal implementation of social-democratic reforms aimed at protecting and satisfying public, social, political, economic, cultural, environmental, artistic and other interests of the citizens of Ukraine.



To achieve its goal the Organization conducts activities in the following main directions:

- assistance in implementation of social-political reforms to introduce a system of public control over the activities of all branches of state power and administration, local government, the judicial system and law enforcement agencies;

- initiating of amendments to existing legislation for democratization and decentralization of power on the principles of election, term of office, transparency, public reporting and responsibility of officials holding government positions and perform administrative and regulatory functions on behalf of the state;

- introduction of public control over the activities of law enforcement agencies, courts and other state bodies;

- preparation and public discussion of offers for the improvement of legislative regulation of the activities of state and local authorities;

- assistance in social movements aimed at supporting of people’s control over the activities of law enforcement agencies, courts, and other state authorities;

- organization of peaceful meetings, holding in accordance with the goal of the Organization, and obtaining the necessary permits for such meetings;

- organization of the functioning of feedback between society and government agencies to assess the level of effectiveness of public administration;

- assistance in the organization of effective interaction of the society and public authorities.