The goals of the leader and the people

The leadership is a process of social influence through which the leader receives support from other members of the community to achieve the goal.

Date: 16 мая 2019


The global political crisis of imitational elite polyarchy. Reasons. Exit paths.

The latest world events, political trends and scientific studies point to the approaching global political crisis associated with the problems of the degradation of "democracies."

Date: 11 марта 2019


Inevitability of dictators

The 21st century has given rise to the whole galaxy of dictators in economically and politically developed countries.

Date: 12 февраля 2019


Creating of the organization “Public Reforms”

On October 6, 2014 we created a public organization “Public Reforms”

Date: 27 ноября 2014


The concept of reform in Ukraine

In the "Post" section is available new material - Sergei Lebedenko lecture on the topic: "The concept of reform in Ukraine"

Date: 24 ноября 2014