Creating of the organization “Public Reforms”

On October 6, 2014 we created a public organization “Public Reforms”, which is engaged in the generation and implementation of democratic reforms aimed at decentralization of power and organization of its activities in favor of the people, taking into account the problems and needs of each individual citizen of Ukraine.

The main purpose of the Organization is formation of the civilized civil society in Ukraine and the democratic constitutional state through the legal implementation of social-democratic reforms aimed at protecting and satisfying public, social, political, economic, cultural, environmental, artistic and other interests of the citizens of Ukraine.

Later, within the development of activities of the public organization “Public Reforms”, on its basis we plan to create a political party, which is intended to implement our social-democratic reforms on a larger scale on the political arena of Ukraine.

If there are conditions for effective competition, Ukraine will really begin to develop!

Competent specialists will be able to fulfill themselves in their own country, they will not have to leave. Our children and grandchildren, whom we give higher education and we hope that at least they will have a better life, will actually see a new Ukraine, which they can be proud of!

Public organization “Public Reforms” is open to all citizens who support social and democratic reforms announced by us.


Date: 27 ноября 2014