Mathematical model of interaction of matrix points of human existence in the information-energy spac

Let’s see the mathematical model of interaction of matrix points of human existence (MHE) in IES (alpha) for the individual.

Date: 7 May 2018



This work succinctly presents the vision of conditions of state origin on the basis of a mathematical model

Date: 15 June 2015


Foundations of statehood

What is the state in this meaning? This is an institution that protects the interests of its citizens.

Date: 10 March 2015


The most common modern understanding of property

Most often, such an understanding of property can be found in the literature of developed Western countries.

Date: 25 February 2015


About the institute of property

Property itself appeared simultaneously with human society. Since then, it has always existed, developing together with the society, taking a variety of forms.

Date: 3 February 2015


Standardization of the pre-election campaign: candidates selection criteria

Past off-year parliamentary elections have given an opportunity to study many of happenings of our life and, as a consequence, to rethink again.

Date: 3 February 2015


Methods of identification in electronic elections

Nowadays, information systems of various scales are becoming part and parcel of the basic infrastructure of any business, state and society.

Date: 28 January 2015


Models of electronic elections and their safety

The first electronic voting system appeared in 1960, with the appearance of computing systems based on punch cards.

Date: 22 January 2015



Ukraine has a new holiday. November 21, the anniversary of the beginning of the events on the Maidan. All TV spots and reviews were dedicated to this date.

Date: 9 January 2015


Pockets of Ukrainian oligarchs have become significantly thinner since last year

We have already written how it is difficult for an ordinary Ukrainian to live, but for whom is it good to live in 2014 in our country?

Date: 30 December 2014