Indignant people

“You will never be able to solve the problem, if you preserve the same thinking and the same approach that has led you to this problem”.
Albert Einstein

Once again, we have witnessed a unique event, the indignant people choose the same rulers who have led them to indignation. What is this? How is it? Why?

Yesterday at meetings with the electorate we heard a lot of negative information against overstay politicians, offers to renewal of the power, support of lustration. So what? One of the stages of lustration, in fact, could be held in the process of parliamentary elections, and the lustrators could become people, but again they didn’t. Again one was taken in by the fee, the other liked vivid slogan of already overstay politician, the third chose on the principle “a new one will steal, and old ones have already stolen enough” and many other odd, absurd and irresponsible decisions taken at a time when they should have thought who is worth their vote, their political action in the development of the state. And what is the result? The result is that the power in the country has not changed; it has changed skin only, but has not changed in general!

Everything is repeated again and again. Years of anger on the government that it promises but does nothing, that nothing changes for the better, are probably forgotten. The same overstay and inefficient politicians win on the elections, and the people make the same choice. Maybe it’s already enough? Maybe it’s high time to start being accountable for actions at least inside yourself?

Maybe it’s time to change the power that has been leading us to the problems during 23 years?

Think, what have you done to change the situation for the better?

What contribution have you made to the development of the country?

Some of you could not even vote honestly. Have you been put pressure on? Have you been bribed? If you choose the behavior of submissive servant or sell the future, nothing will change. We will continue to live in a feudal society where officials work for themselves and in favor of their masters. Think about it, and every time when you are getting to choose, deciding what to do, imagine what your decision will lead to, what chain of consequences it will activate, how it will influence on your life first of all.

Because only you decide how you are going to live.

Alexander Shalimov
(Activist of Public organization “Public Reforms”)

Date: 26 November 2014